Bittersweet Farm

Barbara Morgenroth

Welcome to Bittersweet Farm, home of seventeen-year-old sisters Talia Margolin and Greer Swope. With a passion for horses, action and intense emotion fill Talia’s and Greer’s world as they leave high school behind. Will their new trainer, Lockie Malone, be a part of their future? Will Cameron Rafferty, jumper rider, present an irresistible temptation? Which horses will carry the young women to the top? This new series will captivate and intrigue teens and adults alike.

Bittersweet Farm 1



When a handsome new trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm, the competition between half-sisters is no longer limited to the show ring. Talia Margolin’s life has been marked by events completely beyond her control–her mother’s death, her move to her father’s horse farm, the retirement of her show horse.

Now she faces the arrival of a new coach whose job is to get Talia’s half-sister, Greer, qualified for the finals at the National Horse Show. Greer is brutal on trainers but Lockie Malone is different. Handsome, talented, and with a will of hardened steel, Lockie can be an immovable object. He also becomes the agent for change in the lives of everyone at Bittersweet Farm.

For seventeen year old Talia, change has never meant anything but loss. Will this time be different?

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Joyful Spirit

Talia Margolin doesn’t want to be judged and quickly learns the show ring isn’t the only place she’ll be tested.

The challenges Talia face now that Lockie Malone is the trainer at Bittersweet Farm stack up like cord wood. Her half-sister, Greer, is making the transition to jumper rider more easily than Talia can switch to dressage. Talia’s former boyfriend, Josh, grows closer to Lockie and confides secrets he won’t share with her. Then there’s the hunter pace looming ahead. Talia wonders if her life can get more difficult. Does it?

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Bittersweet Farm 3



“Surprise!” Greer’s mother says with her unannounced arrival.


What Victoria Swope is doing in town is a mystery, but they quickly find out and no one is pleased. When Greer demands to be home-schooled with Talia, the lessons at Bittersweet Farm aren’t restricted to dressage, cross-country and show jumping. If the half-sisters can’t get along, one of them will be sent abroad to finish high school.

Unable to bear leaving the farm’s trainer, Lockie Malone, or her horse, CB, Talia grits her teeth and tries to move forward. It’s soon obvious that everyone at the farm faces changes and challenges. Solving them is difficult and maybe impossible.

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Bittersweet Farm 4



Greer Swope has something to prove. But even she doesn’t quite know what.

Always believing that even if she was good enough for nothing else, she was good enough on a horse. History hasn’t borne that out. Now Greer’s left equitation and hunter classes behind for show jumping, but it won’t happen overnight. It might even take the help of a new trainer. Enter Cameron Rafferty whose horse is lame, who was fired from his last job and who wants the newest Bittersweet prospect. He’s one of the top riders and he is a player. Can Greer handle her horse, Counterpoint, and Cam Rafferty, too?

Talia can only look on at what might be the latest train wreck.

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Envisioning a career as a globe-hopping photojournalist, after college she determined her hop muscles weren’t global strength so turned to writing.

No life experience is safe from her keyboard and Barbara has proved that being a magnet for story material may be overstimulating to live through but it’s all ultimately research.

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